The meanwhile worldwide known V-Rod gas tank from Rick’s Motorcycles

In some internet websites this part is called a
“Trick Tank”…. but it is not a trick, its just Rick’s!!
Worldwide and with a lot of spectacular and unique developments for the V-Rod, since the first day when
the V-Rod entered the Harley world… just Rick’s!

As a result of the high demand on the tank, Rick’s decided to change the type of production. High investments in new tools and new developments…
Rick’s spent a lot of money to improve the tank!
With this new kind of production Ricks increased the quantity and the quality of the tank and we are now able to deliver the tank within a few days to the whole world. From a handmade tank to an industrial production!
A further advantage of this is that we can now supply the tank for a cheaper price and the installation is easier than before!


With the new production it could not be helped that the capacity of the new tank is a bit more less than the old one. Nevertheless the Rick’s V-Rod tank has a capacity of 18,5 liter / 4,88 gal. Which are about 4,65 liter more than the OEM V-Rod tank. So you have a higher range of roughly 32 – 35%.

For the OEM tank up to 2006, Harley-Davidson states a capacity of 14 liter, but the Rick’s Team tested an OEM tank and only 13,8 fits into it. So it seems that the tank has even not the 14 liter!



Partnumber Describtion  
50-0000300-0 Tank Rick's V-Rod 4,9 gal. / 18,5 l.  



In the last months we received a lot of questions from our customers which we want to answer
to you, to show the advantages of the Rick’s V-Rod tank:

  1. The ignition switch and the opening mechanism of the seat can remain at the original place.
  2. The alarm system can remain at the original place, no modifications necessary.
  3. All electric parts, fuel lines, tank filler cap, fuel pump and fuel filter can remain original.
  4. The ground clearance is not lower than with the OEM tank.
  5. No welding on the frame necessary. You only have to cut off a piece of the skid plate and
    replace it with the Rick’s skid plate.
  6. The tank fits to all V-Rod models up to 2006 (all models with a 14l OEM gas tank!)
  7. The tank can be used with all tyre sizes up to 300 mm. With original tyres, no further
    modifications necessary!
  8. A skilled mechanic can install the tank within 4 hours.
  9. An installation instruction (with pictures) and all necessary parts are included.